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How Does Fiverr Work?

There comes a point in every successful business’ journey where you need extra help to grow.  If you are looking for a way to hire freelancers to help out your business, freelancing platforms are a great way to do it. If you have been searching for ways to hire freelancers, you might have come across the platform Fiverr. 

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that facilitates the exchange of services for money. It helps businesses and individuals find freelancers and it also helps provide a certain level of protection when engaging with freelancers.

How Fiverr Works For Hiring

Buying services on Fiverr is simple and straightforward. There are two main routes you can go when hiring someone to complete a project: post a request or browse through the gig listings. 

Let’s take a moment to decode this lingo.

What is a “gig”?

Fiverr allows freelancers to sell their services in “packages”. These packages are called “gigs” on Fiverr. Basically, a “gig” is a specific service that a freelancer provides.

Some examples of gigs include: logo design, writing copy for marketing emails or audio editing for a podcast episode.

What does it mean to “post a request”?

Posting a request is essentially a job posting describing the type of work you need completed.  When you post a request, freelancers have the opportunity to view the request and apply for it. This way, instead of doing the searching, you have potential workers coming to you. 

After finding a freelancer through a gig or posting a request, you are going to want to make sure to actively communicate with them. Set a deadline, respond to any questions they have regarding the work, and check in with them if they do not submit the work by the deadline. In most cases, the sellers will do the heavy lifting as far as making sure a project keeps moving alone. 

When the work is done, you will pay the seller directly through the platform. 

Benefits of Using Fiverr


When hiring a freelancer, you are able to see reviews past clients have left them. This is an incredible advantage. Before freelancing platforms, businesses would have to take sellers at their word when they pitched their services. Reviews allow you to assess freelancers based on what past clients have said about them, which leads to higher rates of satisfaction. 


You can see portfolio pieces of freelancers to help determine if their work is a good fit for you. This can be especially helpful when you are hiring someone for a project that involves an amount of creativity, such as a designer. On Fiverr,  you can even see proof of work they have done for particular clients.


Fiverr works as an escrow service. Before your freelancer starts on a project, you will both agree on the cost of the work. If there are issues with the work you receive, you have the chance to use Fiverr’s system to address problems with the work.

This escrow service makes things more secure for both the freelancer and the client. The client has the safety net of being able to contact Fiverr if the work is not sufficiently completed, and the freelancer doesn’t have to worry about clients not having the money to pay once the work is done. 


When working through a site like Fiverr, you can feel confident you have the right to complete ownership of the work you pay for. If you hire a freelancer outside of a platform, you will be responsible for putting together contracts that will protect your rights to use the work produced by your freelancer.

How It Works For Sellers

Building up a client base on a new freelancing platform takes time and effort. However, it is often a snowball effect. Once you get things rolling, it gets easier and easier to find clients! Here’s what you need to do if you want to become a seller on Fiverr.

Create a profile.

You are going to need to create a profile that states who you are and the type of work you want to do. 

Start with responding to requests.

For sellers, the best way to find your first clients is to apply to requests. If you are new to the site, you are going to have to build up your legitimacy before clients will start coming to you. 

Create Your Gigs.

You want to have some gigs up on your portfolio so that clients can find you and hire you. When creating gigs, you want to make sure you have a good “thumbnail” that will attract customers to click on your posting. Then you want to make sure to have 2-4 great work examples of the type of work your posting is for. Put time and effort into creating a compelling description. 


The most important part of building your business on Fiverr is to deliver the results that clients expect. Every time you successfully complete a job, it builds trust with your clients. Reviews are integral for building your reputation on the platform as well. The more work you successfully complete, the more work you will get!

Should I use Fiverr?

Whether you are looking to be a seller or a buyer on Fiverr, it is a great option for facilitating freelance work. 

Buyers can benefit from saving on many costs associated with employing full-time employees. Full-time workers often need benefits like healthcare and paid vacation time. They also expect consistent pay. This means that sometimes you are paying them even when there is not a large amount of work to be done.

Sellers can benefit by being more in control of their schedule. They can pick and choose who they want to work with, when they want to work and how much time they want to be spending working. Building up a business on Fiverr definitely requires some marketing work, but the benefits can be huge for those who value control and flexibility in their work.

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